I want to live in: Primrose Hill

With its lovely park, central location, pretty roads and celebrity residents, Primrose Hill is unsurprisingly a hugely desirable location for families relocating to London.

Map of Primrose Hill boundaries

Where is it?

On the north west side of central London, just north of Regent’s Park. It doesn’t have its own tube stop, but Chalk Farm is just the other side of a pedestrianised railway bridge.

What counts as Primrose Hill?
Primrose Hill is actually a really small area, with clear boundaries. At the north side, Adelaide Road separates it from Swiss Cottage and Belsize Park, and the train line forms the easterly boundary with Chalk Farm. Avenue Road at the west forms the border with St John’s Wood and at the south side, Prince Albert Road divides Primrose Hill from Regent’s Park.

Chalcot Square

What will my home look like?

Elegant stucco fronted houses and tall victorian terraces abound in Primrose Hill, with little interruption from modern buildings. The area north of the hill, Elsworthy Road, King Henry’s Road etc, offer large detached homes, and some smaller 1960s mews style houses. The paintbox fronted houses of Chalcot Square are hugely popular, and you will find many flat conversions around, if a whole house isn’t needed or in budget.

The view from the top.

What can I do now I’m here?

Really, what can’t you do?! Primrose Hill is the ideal place to live if you love to walk. The hill itself is famed for it’s beautiful views over London, and is a magnet for picnicking visitors in the summer, and year round dog walkers. On the other side of the hill you arrive at Regent’s Park, and London Zoo, and a 30 minute stroll through the park will get you to Oxford Circus, the storm after the calm. Primrose Hill is also moments away from Camden Town and its popular market, another great tourist attraction, and spiritual home of truculent teenagers everywhere. There’s no shortage of things to do in Primrose Hill, but you may be most happy sitting drinking a coffee at one of the pavement cafes and just watching the lovely people. Far less strenuous.

Lemonia. A Primrose Hill institution.

Is there anything to eat?
The shops and restaurants on Regents Park Road are very popular, and the area is in general quite well served for places to eat. Lemonia is local stalwart, a bustling Greek restaurant full of big groups and a convivial atmosphere. Odette’s is another iconic local institution, and Restaurant Michael Nadra provides a nice bit of fine dining elegance. The area may not have the proliferation of trendy eateries that some other areas do, but its proximity to the West End makes up for it.

The Engineer

Is there anything to drink?

Primrose Hill is famous for its pubs. The Queens, The Engineer, The Pembroke Castle, The Princess of Wales, all very popular for evening drinking and sunday lunchtimes. And all other times. If these aren’t enough, a walk into Camden will provide wine bars and all night clubs and drinking aplenty.

Primrose Hill shops on Regents Park Road 

What can I buy?
Independent fashion boutiques, smart childrenswear shops, interiors inso at Graham and Green, and organic groceries. There aren’t a lot of shops here, but what there is is charming, with a distinct lack of the big chains that have overtaken other high streets. In fact, the locals campaign vigorously against big corporates opening in the area, to such an extent that they even opposed the opening of the Soho House owned Cowshed Spa. It did arrive though, and is now a firm favourite in the community.

St George’s Terrace, overlooking the hill.

What’s not to love?

The house prices reflect the popularity of the area, and, with a finite number of properties available, demand will always outstrip availability, pushing the prices even higher. The local private schools are some of the best in the country, and are very competitive to get into. However, a large proportion of the residents in the area are expats and therefore the slightly transient nature of the community means that places do come up reasonably regularly.

Primrose Hill has a lovely atmosphere, a slightly rock n roll vibe, and offers a great quality of life for its residents. Once you’re in, you won’t ever want to leave.

I’ve made every effort to find the source for any pics that I use. If you see your pic on here, please let me know and I will make sure you get your proper credit!